Your Process is Holding You Back – Part 3: Efficiency

In part one of this series we unpacked the importance of having a predictable sales process and in part two we identified measuring the “cause” is a key element of improving a process. In part three we talk about the positive outcome of investing in a modern sales process. Unfortunately, efficiency is not the word […]

Your Process is Holding You Back – Part 2: Measurability

As the old adage goes – you can’t improve what you can’t measure. In part 2 of our series, we will focus on the problems that disconnected steps in the process run on different software systems make measuring your sales process difficult. The mentality of measuring a process has unique attributes as compared to the […]

Your Process is Holding You Back – Part 1: Predictability

Only those who have spent quality time in Automotive Retail can really appreciate how beautifully chaotic it is. Every day when you open the doors, phone lines, and CRM there is something unexpected to react to – and that is just the guests! It is not a surprise that focusing on processes in the environment […]

Digital Retail is Great, but the Last Mile is Broken

The rumors indicate that Carvana’s bankruptcy is not an “if” but a “when”. The banter about what will happen with all of those transparent vending machine towers in major metros ranges from multilevel bars to giant aviary structures. Dealers are celebrating that the traditional processes are working, while the newer models like Carvana and Vroom […]

Dealership Experience Platform – How A2Z is Redefining the Sales Process

If you have been in automotive for any amount of time, you have likely heard of Brian Benstock. Have you ever wondered about his trade secrets? While there is much to be speculated, this is certain: Brian Benstock and his team at Paragon Acura turn to A2Z for a single platform to guide guests to […]

Porsche Tucson – Iteration in Excellence

The Porsche brand evokes many emotions – speed, agility, and excitement. Contrast this with the preconceived notions of a traditional car buying process – slow, siloed, and frustrating. Porsche Tucson recognized this contrast and set out on a journey to fix it. It started with identifying that for things to change, the right team needed […]

That’s a Wrap – ASOTU recap

With the conclusion of the first ASOTU CON in the books, it is time to reflect on what we took away from the conference. As industry descended on Philadelphia it was certainly felt that this was not as much of a conference, but an experiment. An experiment that we were all a part of and […]

It’s Time – A Conversation About Innovation

Innovation comes in many flavors – we often think of innovation in the context of something new, groundbreaking or a concept so radically impactful that we have a hard time relating to a life without it before it existed. The problem with this mindset is that innovation has a risk of never starting or thinking […]

CBT Interview – Switch to a One Person Sales Model

  Highlighting the Last Mile – How Nelson Automotive Group and Thomas Auto Group future-proof their operations. Single Point of Contact selling is not for everyone, but neither is the traditional sales model in automotive dealerships. In this context, A2Z was featured on CBT news to discuss dealership experience. Natalia Giner, CEO of A2Z Sync […]