“Our finance product penetration grew from 69% to 110%.”

- Motorwerks BMW

We moved to One Price thirty days before transitioning to One Person℠ Selling using the A2Z platform. Training started 60 days before the launch. Management presented the new sales process, sales staff responsibilities, and new pay plans many times to the sales team.

Case Study
Motorwerks BMW

Starting Position

2019 Dealer of the Year in Chicago, IL

  • A high-performing store part of a five-store auto mall
  • Award-winning customer satisfaction
  • Online asking prices and final prices were only $347 different


The Spark

Looking to improve the 57-step process

  • Customers disliked waiting for several people and spending 2-5 hours to buy a car
  • Discovered A2Z through NADA and decided to move to a One Person℠ Sales Model


The Goals

Create a best-in-class customer experience

  • Quickly transition to One Person℠ Selling
  • Improve the customer experience, efficiency, and the store’s image
  • Sell more cars, grow market share
  • Raise satisfaction scores while increasing overall pro


The Approach

A commitment to making change

  • The first 30 days was a One Price transition
  • Training began 60 days before the launch
  • Management presented the new sales process, responsibilities, and new pay plans
  • Building client-advisor F&I knowledge was a huge focus, with help from the store’s F&I provider
  • Managers learned to train in a new way with frequent one-on-ones and build menus for client advisors
  • Former F&I managers became team leaders
  • During the launch, previous pay was guaranteed while a new pay plan was being assembled
  • Large screens were brought in to support team collaboration


Keys to Success

Total dealership transformation at every level

  • A detailed implementation plan that included new organization charts, job descriptions, and pay plans
  • Upfront training and communications about pay plans early in the process was essential
  • Management made a full-bore commitment to adopt the One Person℠ Sales Model
  • “Ripped off the band-aid” with no looking back


The Learnings

A transformation that requires full buy-in

  • Managers need to keep their focus on training and coaching, allow Client Advisors to problem solve but don’t allow them to train on customers
  • Adhere to all of the AZZ steps, avoid taking shortcuts
  • Plan ahead, allow 60-days of training before the launch
  • Aggressively manage change and turnover – some managers and client advisors won’t want their new roles – let them go


The Results

More happier customers and higher referrals and repeat business.




Insights from the leadership team.

“We can now recruit a variety of different, and often times stronger, people for sales positions. Bottom line is this new process leads to selling more cars and making more money.”
-Chris Lima, Vice President of Marketing & Sales