Retail Management

A2Z centralizes pricing, sales management, and deal details in one central tool. Sales leaders now have complete visibility of the sales process in the Dealer Dashboard and can optimize their pricing strategy within the pricing tool.

Dealer Dashboard

One place to see it all. The Dealer Dashboard provides sales leaders with a single location to see in which stage every deal resides, in the showroom and online. Finally, anyone in the dealership responsible for the success and throughput of the sales pipeline can unite around a single view to know where intensity is needed and prioritize dealership resources to fulfill the guest’s needs.

Pricing Inventory

Our approach to pricing inventory is designed to account for the in-store pricing strategy and syndicate your price online. Set global pricing rules alongside granular pricing settings by individual stock numbers, including added accessories. We provide a centralized place to deploy a pricing strategy that aligns with your goals.

F&I Products

Our Dedicated Success Managers collaborate with each client to create personalized F&I (Finance and Insurance) product lists from the get-go. Dealers can shape their product offerings just how they want, and we handle the technical part for you. We ensure these product lists are set up correctly in the A2Z platform so things run smoothly and consistently throughout the process.

OEM Incentives

A2Z is integrated with MarketScan to automate the process of applying OEM incentives. The A2Z platform is contextually aware of deal structures that qualify for OEM incentives to eliminate errors and deliver a transparent pricing and payment structure to guests with applied incentives. From the first pencil to the final deal documents – the A2Z platform handles complex deal structures correctly from start to finish.

CRM Integrations

Keeping dealership systems up to date is automated with A2Z. Two primary interactions are delivered to the CRM. First, A2Z Online interactions are delivered to the CRM as an internet lead, complete with the vehicle of interest and trade details when provided by the prospect. The authentication process online ensures that the leads are only delivered after the contact information is validated, creating higher than standard engagement rates with known validated contact details.

In-store, our integrations properly document the steps in the sale, including documenting fresh-up interactions as showroom visits in the CRM for proper attribution.

DMS Integrations

A2Z originated in-store first to ensure a perfected transaction process before transitioning to the online process. This approach allowed us to establish robust DMS integrations seamlessly integrated into our online operations. A2Z clients reduce redundant data entry and standardize the transactional elements with two-way communication to the DMS. 

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