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The Talented Team Behind You

Aaron Wallace

Founder / Chairman

As CEO of the Schomp Automotive Group, Aaron founded A2Z Sync in 2017 to provide a One-Person Sales Model that facilitates modern purchase experiences in the automotive sector. He continues his family’s legacy to create progressive business practices that focus on the customer’s experience and satisfaction.

Natalia Giner


Natalia brings 20 years of automotive experience to A2Z Sync, with her primary focus of creating a game-changing, customer-centric experience. Over the past three years, she led the team that built the A2Z platform from scratch and successfully oversaw many dealer transitions to the One-Person Sales Model. She brings a great passion for product development and business consulting to her mission of helping dealers modernize car buying.

Brian Allee


Brian is on a mission to help dealers build and grow their business into a modern retail experience for both customers and employees. Brian is obsessed with assisting dealers in evolving in a sustainable and proven way through technology, training, and consulting. He enjoys learning from dealer partners just as much as he loves sharing the knowledge acquired over his 15 years of retail experience in all things variable operations.

Matt Packer


Matt leads the Engineering department, and has worked as a Product Manager and a Software Engineer, at A2Z Sync. Before joining A2Z Sync, he was a Co-Founder at Nohtbook, where he designed, built, and launched an unobtrusive messaging app for iPhone. He earned an M.B.A. from the University of Denver, graduating with honors, and is a graduate of Turing School of Software & Design.

Brian MacDonald


Brian leads the Finance, Accounting, and Administrative functions at A2Z Sync. Prior to joining A2Z, he was the Corporate Controller for Cox Automotive Retail Solutions where he was on the Management team for brands including Dealertrack, Vinsolutions, vAuto, and xTime. Brian first started in the automotive software sector at where he helped lead the Company through its S-1 process prior to being acquired by Dealertrack Technologies for $1.2B.

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