Everyone is asking...

Wouldn’t it be great if… I could buy a car the modern way, with more convenience and transparency like I can with other products? 


Yes it would be!

But it’s just not possible today.

The Challenge

Dealers want to break away from the traditional automotive retail model, but antiquated software and the need for a proven implementation blueprint is required for transformational change.

The Solution

Single Point of Contact (SPOC) powered by A2Z is the solution. SPOC improves the customer and employee experience. It enables dealers to dramatically differentiate themselves from their competition. It also increases CSI, sales throughput and profitability. Single Point of Contact enables the Modern Buying Experience that consumers are demanding.

The Blueprint

Modern Dealerships can deliver transformational change with SPOC powered by A2Z Sync, through our software platform and domain expertise. A2Z provides a customized blueprint for the Single Point of Contact model that is needed to modernize car buying.

"You have got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around."

- Steve Jobs

Another key question is...

What is keeping dealers from modernizing car buying?


Dealers face three key barriers today:
  1. Fear of organizational change and reduced profits
  2. Inadequate Technology
  3. Traditional siloed sales processes

Who is in the best position to help dealers break through these barriers?


Dealers – because the answer was not going to come from Silicon Valley, A2Z was developed from ground up by dealers, for dealers, to provide:

  1. A modern in-store transactional platform
  2. Expertise to re-organize your store around a Single Point of Contact car buying experience, because we have done it for many dealerships
  3. An implementation blueprint that drives higher customer satisfaction, employee retention and dealer profitability

SPOC Defined: The Power of One

The principle of Occam’s Razor says “The simplest solution is probably the right one”

Key steps in the SPOC Customer Journey

Customer Check In
A2Z retrieves customer information from the CRM/DMS, and when needed, we create a new record and deliver that to the CRM via API.
Concept Conversation

Client Advisor sets clear expectations up-front and explains the total dealer value proposition.

Wants & Needs Analysis

Client Advisor discovers customer preferences and motivations that lead to further opportunities throughout the sale.

Vehicle Selection

A2Z provides real-time vehicle syndication that enables individual store and group level vehicle search.


A2Z presents options to the client in a transparent and simple way. 

F&I Products

A2Z builds value in aftermarket products through a customer-friendly and compliant presentation.   

Transaction Completion
Customers are able to sign and verify most elements of the transaction within A2Z.

Why is Single Point of Contact a better way to sell cars?

A transformative solution requires that all key stakeholders in a car deal are much better off than before.

SPOC powered by A2Z Sync delivers these powerful results:

For Car Buyers

A2Z Sync Happy Customer

Customer satisfaction rises through much faster transaction times, less friction and more transparency.

For Sales People

Employee acquisition, satisfaction and retention are improved through enriched job content and better compensation.

For Dealers

Cars lined up

Dealers gain market share and post higher PVRs through higher sales volume and greater operational efficiency.

Wait a minute... doesn't Digital Retailing fix the customer experience?

Typical digital retailing tool


Even though Digital Retailing is on the rise for good reasons, in-store sales will continue to be the dominant retail mode for a long time.


The core car buying experience needs to be reinvented from the inside-out (i.e. in-store first) rather than from the outside-in (via website tools)

How does SPOC powered by A2Z Sync improve Customer Satisfaction?


Unlike the traditional car buying process, A2Z Sync was designed through the lens of the ideal customer experience by:

  1. Delivering a faster, more convenient buying process; often in one hour or less
  2. Creating trust through transparency 
  3. Making the customer feel more in control of the process

How does SPOC powered by A2Z Sync increase Employee Satisfaction and Retention?


In a traditional sales process, front-line salespeople are not empowered to delight customers. With A2Z Sync, the roles of salespeople and managers are much more attractive and customer centric. A2Z Sync boosts Employee Satisfaction by:

  1. Elevating the scope of sales and management positions
  2. Providing more career potential
  3. Enabling better compensation and work/life balance

How does SPOC powered by A2Z Sync help dealers generate more profits?


Fundamentally, A2Z helps dealers dramatically differentiate themselves and take market share. Our clients make more money by: 

  1. Selling more cars and increasing service retention
  2. Producing higher F&I product penetration and revenue per car sold
  3. Lowering combined Sales and F&I staffing expenses, and reducing vendor costs

How does A2Z Sync help dealers adopt SPOC?


As the leading enabler of SPOC, we have helped transform many stores with documented success. Our team of SPOC experts provide:

  1. Individualized readiness assessments
  2. Tailored implementation roadmaps
  3. Pre-launch and ongoing training, technical support, and insights from best-practice dealers

The Dealer Principal's SPOC Blueprint

Transformational improvement necessitates a proven plan. Single Point of Contact powered by A2Z Sync is much more than just a technology platform.

Our dealers have blazed the path to successful implementation of SPOC from start to finish.

Dealer Principals
Dealer Principals

One tool for the Customer Journey

A2Z Sync provides a single transaction platform that powers Single Point of Contact.

The depth of our integrations are the key to driving efficiencies for the dealership. 

Behind the wheel of A2Z Sync

Same mission, new chapter

Chip Perry: CEO & President

“Joining the A2Z Sync team is a natural progression in my automotive career. After my experiences with AutoTrader.com, TrueCar and many ventures between – I now have the chance to work on the biggest and most important opportunity in automotive retail: helping dealers improve the core customer experience. There is no doubt in my mind that when we look back 10 years from now, Single Point of Contact will be the primary differentiator between excellent and average dealerships. This is nothing short of a revolutionary way to modernize your store, and I could not be more excited about helping A2Z spearhead this movement.”

Aaron Wallace

Aaron Wallace


As CEO of the Schomp Automotive Group, Aaron founded A2Z Sync in 2017 to provide a Single Point of Contact software program that facilitates modern purchase experiences in the automotive sector. He continues his family’s legacy to create progressive business practices that focus on the customer’s experience and satisfaction.
Natalia Giner

Natalia Giner

Head of Product

Natalia brings 20 years of automotive experience to A2Z Sync, with her primary focus of creating a game-changing, customer-centric experience. Over the past three years, she led the team that built the A2Z platform from scratch and successfully oversaw many dealer transitions to the SPOC model. She brings a great passion for product development and business consulting to her mission of helping dealers modernize car buying.

Brian Allee

Brian Allee

Head of Sales & Service

Brian leads the team of retail experts who convert progressive dealers from the traditional retail model to Single Point of Contact. He and his team implement the in-store A2Z software and guides the way from start to finish. Brian’s 10-plus years of automotive retail experience have helped other dealers achieve optimal results with an organizational transformation.

Gary Taylor

Gary Taylor

Head of Engineering

Gary started his 25-year plus year career of technology experience as a software developer. Throughout his career, he’s overseen multiple software engineering teams. As Head of Engineering, Gary ensures cutting-edge technology drives a user-friendly experience to create the most seamless customer journey possible.

About A2Z Sync

A2Z is a software and dealer-services company that enables dealers to transform the car buying experience through a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) sales process. Dealers who use our platform, training, and support services achieve significantly higher customer satisfaction, employee retention, and dealer efficiency and profitability.

A2Z Sync was founded in 2017 by Aaron Wallace, the owner of the Schomp Automotive Group. He set out to revolutionize the retail environment by creating a highly customer-centric purchasing experience that enabled his dealerships to stand out from the competition, gain market share, and increase profitability. In 2018, Morrie’s Auto Group was the first non-Schomp dealer to adopt the A2Z platform. Today, A2Z serves 25 dealerships who passionately deliver their customers a modern, streamlined, automated, and efficient car buying experience. To date, more than 250,000 vehicle-sale transactions have been processed through the A2Z platform.

A2Z helps its clients successfully transition into SPOC by providing operational readiness assessments, intensive in-dealership training, and ongoing technical and training support. A2Z develops a fully-customized implementation roadmap tailored to the needs of each dealer to ensure the successful long-term use of its software platform.



Schomp Automotive Group
“The customer experience has always been on the forefront of everything we do, starting with the Schomp Brand promise of One Price. One Person. One Hour.® A2Z has been a heartbeat of the execution in our showroom process, which lead us to become a #1 Subaru leader in the country. Through our partnership with A2Z we deliver the same great experience every time to every customer in a transparent way.”
Gene Galushko

General Sales Manager

Schomp Subaru

Nelson Automotive Group
“In A2Z we found more than just help, we found a solid partnership. A2Z has been an integral part of our transformation to One Price and One Touch dealership. The simplicity of the software allows each Client Advisor the confidence and freedom to help their guest in a smooth and interactive manner, giving our team transparency while building relationships. The A2Z software has given the Nelson Auto Group sales teams a solid foundation to build a legacy of experiences that guests will never forget.”

Brandon Murphy

Managing Partner

Nelson Automotive Group
Morrie's Automotive Group
“A2Z and your team was nothing short of perfect. Having navigated the hurdles as an organization, you gave us great advice and vision on process and how to adapt. Almost 18 months later I can tell you that A2Z has been a game changer for our store. I truly wish the fear of change hasn’t prevented me from doing it sooner. A2Z has increased our Finance PVR significantly. We are over 132% beyond last year’s numbers on our volume. Our warranty penetration increased by almost 10% YOY.”

Bill Bertrand

Partner & GM

Morrie’s Automotive Group

At the end of the day, here is what matters:

It's all about the experience.

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

- Maya Angelou

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