October 7, 2022

Porsche Tucson – Iteration in Excellence

The Porsche brand evokes many emotions – speed, agility, and excitement. Contrast this with the preconceived notions of a traditional car buying process – slow, siloed, and frustrating.

Porsche Tucson recognized this contrast and set out on a journey to fix it. It started with identifying that for things to change, the right team needed to be in place around a shared belief system centered around the guest experience.

Neb Yonas of the Chapman automotive group got to work and established the vision for Porsche Tucson. The focus would be on the foundation of what can make or break the client experience: interactions within the dealership.

Patience and persistence were fundamental in carrying out a vision of what the car buying experience should be. Neb’s commitment to fine tuning the process was a three-year effort, honed and perfected in other Chapman rooftops. The pinnacle of superior customer experience was now ready to enter the luxury world of Porsche. Curious how this dynamic shift came to fruition?

This was not a question of code and integrations. This was a commitment to a belief system that in order to impact authentic and measurable improvements, Porsche Tucson had to remove the slow, siloed, and frustrating.

Neb did his research and connected with other stores, groups, and thought leaders in the automotive community regarding a single point of contact architecture for his store. This is where his journey met our mission – to simplify and connect all the automotive technology needed to have an excellent customer experience.

Porsche Tucson checked all the boxes that are needed for a successful rollout of A2Z Sync. Culture, intellectual curiosity, established previous excellence, and most importantly a passion for an authentic market advantage centered around guest experiences.

The excitement and passion were congruent for the A2Z team. We had an appetite to not only be known for creating optimized and streamlined processes that improved the transactional throughput – but we wanted to be known for our mission to authentically improve the guest experience.

What you see today at Porsche Tucson is a success story of iteration. This is a Porsche Center that was already excellent and wanted better. Their commitment has led to a better customer experience, efficiency, and profitability. We are excited to see Chapman’s relentless pursuit of excellence through iteration and proud to be a part of their journey.