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We have proven that a great relationship starts by setting clear expectations. The concept conversation provides the opportunity to inform the guest of how your operation delivers a transparent and efficient sales process. This is the step where you set your operation apart from the competition.

Let’s break the ice in the Wants and Needs assessment. This allows the guest to provide critical information in the consumer-facing language and avoid technical deal language that can complicate and erode trust. Instead, let’s understand not only what vehicle(s) they are interested in but how they plan to utilize it so we can present relevant products and accessories down the line.

A2Z integrates with automotive syndication tools to bring dealership inventory into one view. Without A2Z, dealership sales resources are referencing OEM sites and presenting a clumsy experience. Staying in one tool builds trust through efficiencies and keeps both the guest and the dealership in a singular view of pricing and incentives.

We see the test drive as an essential step in the transaction, not only for the commitment level of the guest but for the transactional nature of A2Z. Management can now see the guest interaction build and have a pulse on the operation in one view in the Manager Dashboard. At this point, the sales manager can build a customized menu based on the vehicle of interest and wants and needs assessment.

At this point in the process, the goal is to present pricing and payment options to the guest in a collaborative and informative way. Our goal is to ensure that the guest is on the right car and we are on the right budget for a successful transaction. A2Z provides the gateway to a transparent transactional step in a single view from the first pencil to payment options in the context of OEM incentives, trade value, and approved credit conditions.

With a relationship built on trust and transparency, Sales Managers can build a menu relevant to the guest based on known factors documented in the wants and needs analysis, the test drive, and desking steps. This is where the magic of A2Z is entirely on display, where the deal progresses in one interface powered by our integrations with financial institutions, F&I products, and current incentives. Multiple repayment options are presented to guests who feel in control of a transparent buying experience.