A2Z Sync streamlines each transaction while effectively encompassing multiple software programs within the car-buying process. From dealer management software to inventory selection, and every step of the desking process, A2Z brings each software solution for the car-buying experience together—ultimately increasing transparency, speed, and productivity. Customers are carefully guided by an expertly trained member of the dealership team, which decreases the length of the sales process by as much as 60% while advancing the bottom line.

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The Entire Customer Experience in One Software

Accompanied with a member of the sales team, customers receive a buying experience unlike any other, coupled with complete transparency from start to finish. This experience:

  • Deepens client engagement
  • Gives client greater control of the deal
  • Earns clients for life
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Interactive Vehicle Inventory Menu

The customer is guided through the selection process with an interactive experience. The interactive vehicle inventory menu:

  • Clearly presents the vehicle options to the client
  • Provides the available inventory from all franchises
  • Includes transparent pricing

Transparent Client Interaction

Staff members are able to fully communicate every option throughout the buying process—from vehicle selection and financing to accessory upgrades. This experience:

  • Puts the client in the driver’s seat
  • Eliminates misperceptions
  • Creates a relationship of trust
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Dealership Performance Metrics

A2Z helps insure accountability and track employee performance with dynamic analytics and metrics reports. This:

  • Increases sales and productivity
  • Assists in determining training opportunities
  • Creates accountability with time stamps

Customization for Your Business

Now, you can personalize the software for your business and offerings. Customizations include:

  • Allows the client advisor to create custom options for service and protection plans for the client
  • Tailors the aftermarket products offered for each vehicle
  • Establishes flexibility in product presentation
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Desking Integration

The customer is led through the financing process—including loan options, the credit application and ultimately completing the contract—in a clear manner. Desking integration:

  • Maps aftermarket product to your custom Dealer Management System
  • Provides a lease and finance comparison
  • Automates all of your in-house forms
  • Decreases chargebacks due to inaccuracies of initial data input
  • Establishes a simplified F&I menu
  • Designs automated forms
  • Creates digital contracts

Comprehensive Training and Resources

A2Z Sync is your partner for both the initial training and any future needs. A2Z Sync:

  • Provides a thorough training for sales staff
  • Builds necessary resources into the software
  • Receives access to our support team composed of product experts
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